Tuesday, 30 November 2010

EPC 25564

mega-mixed by froggy (steve howlett) and probably used by a lot of semi-pro jocks in the early 80's who needed a "piss break" record. or maybe bought by people who wanted to pretend they were in a club when in fact they were at home. either way it's a great slice of club culture from 1983. mine's a white label copy with promo sheet (see above). it's not in the best condition but it plays perfect. froggy sadly passed away in 2008 and is an almost forgotten footnote in the history of deejays. there's a great interview with him on the djh website which is also printed in the dj revolutionaries book. i've never seen this record before and i doubt i'll see another. some bloke has one on discogs for 75p, which is 25p cheaper than my copy. once again i had to wade through loads of shit to find this. it's not a glamorous job being a vinyl junkie, but someone's got to do it.

Friday, 29 October 2010

14171714 - 1

this is a 1998 re-release of a 1983 cd which followed the 1977 lp version. i already have 2 copies on vinyl but couldn't pass on this cd version for £3. the title track still sounds like it's made tomorrow and, of course, carry on turn me on sounds gorgeous. stunning stuff.

9198 055

I've been searching for this since it was brought to my attention a few months back on djhistory. there are so many good records out there that i've never heard before and it was a joy to come across this beauty. it was in amongst a job lot of albums that came into a store. they had been owned by 4 brothers who pooled their money together to buy records and as they each left home the eldest was put in charge. the youngest brother ended up with everything and when he died his family sold all his stuff. the condition of the records was mind blowing. i suspect they bought a record, taped it and put the record back on the shelf. it was 99% rock music with a few bits of disco/funk. anyway, the record shop guy pointed at the pile and said, "there are some 12s in there". after 2 hours of searching through 3000 lps i found about 20 singles and bought 5. this, obviously, being the pick of the bunch. the soundclip in the link doesn't portray how rough this recording is, but that only adds to it's appeal because this track is pure magic.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


wherever i go (with work or at the weekend) i'll always find time to have a little dig. many hours can be wasted for nothing or sometimes i can hit the jackpot. a few months ago mrs s wanted a new duvet, so we set off late on a saturday afternoon to trawl the department stores. i hate shopping at the best of times so when we got there i made my excuses and we agreed to meet up later. as i walked through the door of a chazzer this little beauty was staring me in the face! there was a load of 12"records on the floor and this was at the front. i recognised the label from images on discogs and youtube. i knew this to be a very special record and rare as hen's teeth. it was in excellent condition and i couldn't believe no one else had spotted it. unbelievably, this was the only decent thing in that pile of records. maybe the original owner bought the record and just didn't like it, which would explain the superb condition. intrigue had a few releases but this is the one you want. a truly stunning slice of brit funk. btw this isn't a stock photo off the internet. if you look at the centre hole you'll see the beige carpet upon which i lay all my records before photographing them.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

K 50845

2 years ago i got a copy of try to find me vol.1 on the golf channel label. the a-side ("make dance") was an edit of a track called "flash back" off the above album. the rest of the lp is awful, which is a real shame because i love chic. i imagine the lp goes for peanuts everywhere because there are no "hits" on it. i'd say get it anyway because of "flash back". i checked discogs and it doesn't look like it was released as a single, so the album is the only way of getting it. another pound well spent.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

SALT 104

okay, it's back to the £1 bins where i find this killer boogie tune from 1983. the whole track is superb, but just wait until the 4 minute mark. shep pettibone works his magic once again. the instrumental b-side (which still has some vocals) is ace too. the outro section has a mix tool allowing you to seamlessly blend into another record. which is great for people like me who can't mix!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

JB 001

i traded four records i didn't like for this, but it was still cheap (£7.00) by discogs standards. the guy in the shop was happy to trade so everyone's a winner! it's been bootlegged with a red label but this is a stone cold first pressing. there were legitimate represses done in '84 with a more basic yellow or blue label after the record blew up in new york. if you look on the label you'll see it was "mixed with love by walter gibbons". he'd been away from the scene for a few years but came back with this incredible mix. the a-side is ace but the b-side is something else. i'd only ever heard the first few minutes of it, on i-f's mixed in the hague vol 2, not realising what else was on the record. it's an instrumental that breaks down into accapellas, percussion and effects. one can only imagine how it sounded at the paradise garage. there's been lots of cover versions but the original is the best.